10 Quick & Easy Healthy Weeknight Dinners

December 10, 2019

No more stressing about what to serve for dinner on busy days. Your nights just got easier with these 10 quick and easy healthy weeknight dinners the whole family will enjoy. 

Quick easy healthy weeknight dinners for the family

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Whether it’s back to school season, the December rush of holidays leading up to the New Year, or the end of school year mayhem, getting a healthy dinner on the table is pretty much always a struggle for most families I know. There’s just never enough time to plan and prep well-balanced meals the whole family will enjoy. Or so it seems.

Just Get Take-Out

I’ve lost count of how many times my husband has told pleaded with me to order in or get take out during hectic weeks. He royally hates hearing me complain about how busy I am and that I have no time for anything, only to then come home to a freshly cooked meal. I can hear him the whole time I’m cooking: “Why did you spend time cooking if you had no time to do XYZ?” (Insert whatever I complained about not having time to do hours earlier.)

I know he’s right that I should make my life easier and lighten the load, but I have a hard time justifying the added expense of prepared meals when I cook for a living. Not to mention the guilt I feel about feeding my girls take-out food that is lower in nutritional value than what I can make for them at home and (in my opinion) doesn’t taste nearly as good. 

Don’t get me wrong – we order pizza plenty and I make good use of frozen and canned foods to make quick and easy meals, but I try to limit those kinds of dinners to once a week. So when it comes to the busy holiday season or a week when my refrigerator and dishwasher are broken and I have a flood in the basement (no joke, that all happened in the same week), I rely on a handful of quick and easy healthy weeknight dinners I know I can cook up even when I barely have any time to spend in the kitchen.

What If I Have Picky Eaters?

Many of these dinner recipes are one-pot meals or casserole-style dishes, meaning they’re not as interactive and “make it your own” as other meals I highly recommend for families with young kids (like my Buddha bowls). That means there may be one or two people at the table who aren’t so into dinner on a given night. If you have more selective (aka “picky”) eaters, they may whine and complain about some of these meals, which may make you inclined to make a box of mac and cheese or a peanut butter sandwich. Don’t do it!

Stay strong and don’t yield to the groans and moans of your children (or spouse, as the case may be). Instead, ensure that every meal has at least one component you know everyone likes. If that means your dear son only eats the cheese off the top of a casserole or dear daughter pushes aside the salmon and only eats berries for dinner, so be it. Trust me, your kids aren’t going to starve. If they are truly hungry they will eat what you put in front of them, and if they don’t, there’s always breakfast in the morning.

Sounds harsh? It may seem that way, but this method works. If you need help with this, email me to find out about my Kitchen Coaching Services.

Make it a Meal

Many of these easy healthy weeknight dinners are all in one meals (meaning they have protein, carbs, and veggies), but for those that aren’t (like burgers), you can easily make it a meal without spending much more time in the kitchen.

Just cut up your kids’ favorite veggies, assemble a salad kit, or roast a prep-free veggie like green beans or cherry tomatoes. If you need a last minute starch, try a microwaveable grain (I love having rice and grain pouches like these on hand – they cook up in 90 seconds. Look for ones without all the added seasonings to ensure they’re not too high in sodium) or a can of beans (I particularly love Greek gigantes for a side dish – Trader Joe’s sells them canned like this)

Quick & Easy Healthy Weeknight Dinners for Busy Nights

These 10 recipes are just a small sampling of quick and easy healthy weeknight dinners you can make for your family. I have many more that I haven’t published here, including some beyond simple Instant Pot recipes like IP Mac & Cheese and Veggie Beef Bolognese. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss anything new, or better yet, contact me for help with meal planning or cooking lessons to get customized recipes for your family!

What are your family’s favorite easy weeknight dinners?

Share with me in the comments below! 

easy healthy weeknight dinners recipe roundup

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