Why You Should Love Pulses and Take the Pulse Pledge

February 10, 2016

Find out all the reasons to love pulses and join the celebration of the International Year of Pulses by taking the Pulse Pledge!

Find out all the reasons to love pulses and join the celebration of the International Year of Pulses by taking the Pulse Pledge! @JlevinsonRD

This post was sponsored by USA Pulses & Pulse Canada as part of an ongoing partnership. I was compensated for my time, but as always all opinions are my own. 

Do you like hummus, vegetarian chili, and bean salad? If so, then you must be a fan of pulses – and I’m not talking about your heartbeat!

Pulses are a category within the legume family consisting of the dry, edible seeds of plants, which include dry peas, beans, chickpeas, and lentils.

the difference between pulses and legumes - take the pulse pledge
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Personally, I love all of these foods, which is why I am super excited that the United Nations declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses! Because I’m such a fan, I teamed up with USA Pulses and Pulse Canada, to spread the word about pulses and all the reasons why they’re so great.

Keep on reading to find out why the UN is honoring pulses this year and join me in committing to eat pulses throughout the year by taking the Pulse Pledge! Then head on over to my Nutritious & Delicious Pulse Recipe Roundup to help you meet the Pulse Pledge challenge.

4 Reasons to Love Pulses

  1. Pulses are nutrition powerhouses! They’re packed with protein, fiber, numerous vitamins and minerals including folate, potassium, and iron, and they’re antioxidant-rich! Thanks to all their nutrients, pulses have been shown to improve blood sugar control and reduce blood cholesterol and blood pressure.
  2. Pulses are sustainable! They have a lower carbon footprint than almost any other food group, they’re water efficient, using only 1/10th of the water of other protein sources, and they are natural fertilizers meaning they enrich the soil where they grow, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.
  3. Pulses are affordable! They are one of the most cost-effective protein sources, which makes them a household staple and the primary source of protein for most people around the world.
  4. Pulses are versatile! Boy is there a lot you can do with pulses, which is one of my favorite reasons I love them! From soups and stews, taco fillings, and pasta dishes all the way to baked goods, there are endless ways to use pulses in the kitchen. See everything you can do in my recipe roundup tomorrow!

I shared more info about the nutritional benefits of pulses over at Prevention.com. Check out the article: This Food Can Supercharge Weight Loss—And You’ve Probably Never Heard of It Before.

Take the Pulse Pledge

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing nutritious and delicious pulse recipes to help you celebrate the International Year of Pulses at home, but while you wait, head on over to PulsePledge.com to take the Pulse Pledge!

I actually took the pledge back in November when I attended the International Year of Pulses kickoff event in New York City, but I would love for you to join me in taking it again!

Celebrate the International Year of Pulses by taking the Pulse Pledge and committing to eat pulses at least once a week for 10 weeks!
Photo Source: USA Pulses

When you take the Pulse Pledge, you commit to eating pulses at least once a week for 10 weeks. Easy, right? Especially given all the recipe options you’ll get in my 50+ Nutritious & Delicious Pulse Recipe Roundup! (For even more pulse recipes, check out my Year of Pulses Pinterest board.)

To make it even easier, when you take the pledge, you’ll receive tips, recipes, and incentives every week. Take pics of your pulse-containing recipes and share them on social media using #PulsePledge for more chances to win prizes including Willams-Sonoma gift cards and a Pulse Starter Kit valued at 50+.

So what are you waiting for? Take the Pledge and get cooking with pulses! 

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  1. I’m not in the US or Canada but I think this is a great idea! I love pulses and would eat them a few times a week except that my husband doesn’t like them.

    1. Corina, my husband isn’t the biggest fan of pulses either, but I’ve been able to convert him with some of the recipes I’ll be featuring in the roundup tomorrow. Hope you’ll come by to check them out and try on your husband!

    1. Lindsay, you are far from alone in that – I have to admit that until the food and nutrition conference this past October, I didn’t know the term pulses either!! I’m so glad I can be a source of knowledge for you though 😉

    1. Thanks so much Melanie! Be sure to check out the roundup – I have over 50 recipes in it and that’s not even all i had to choose from! Can’t wait to hear how you do with the pledge!

    1. You’re not alone Julie – so many people (myself included – see my response to Lindsay below) had no idea what pulses were! And yet like you, I use them all the time!

  2. I’m a vegetarian wannabe (more for taste than anything else…I really like plant proteins!) I know I need to cook more with pulses but haven’t tried and am admittedly afraid to get out of my comfort zone. Looking forward to your recipe ideas and for doing this pledge. I like a good challenge!!!

    1. Elana, I’m so with you! I love meat and chicken, but I really enjoy plant proteins and would eat them every day of the week if it weren’t for my meat-loving husband! I’m so glad you took the pledge and hope all the recipes help you meet the once a week goal – I know you can do it!

  3. Hi
    I am Elangovan from Mahatma group of Schools Madurai,Tamilnadu, South India. For past 10 years we have been observing and celebrating UNO themes in our school curriculum by taking that as one of the learning tools. Every year we wait for the new themes to be announced by the UNO. This year we are Very Proud to take the pulse pledge. As Our Schools group is from Tamilnadu South India , pulses are in our every day meals. Though we take everyday we love to promote taking pulse pledge to our parent community and the surroundings where we live in.( on forth coming Environment Day). Eagerly waiting for the day for not only to have lot of fun filled activities but also give the students’ community the knowledge on pulses.
    Thankyou UNO

  4. I was reading the book of Daniel in the KJV Bible, (Daniel 1:12). I was like so I googled pulse food. This brought me to your page. The wisdom and knowledge you offer about pulse is awesome to me. I have been trying to eat healthier, frustrated because I had no clue what to really eat. I would like to thank you and I pray that you will continue to prosper and be in God’s health. I pray you and your family and friends will continue to grow in God’s Mercy and Grace as you continue to enlighten and educate all of us. Thank You

    1. Felicia, thank you so much for your message. I’m so glad you found my website and it’s helpful. I hope you continue on your road to healthier eating. Best wishes for good health to you!