What Kind of Snacker Are You?

January 6, 2017

Find out what kind of snacker you are and get simple solutions to manage your cravings.

(AD) What kind of snacker are you? Find out and get simple solutions to manage your cravings @jlevinsonrd.

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Do you snack during the day? If so, you’re in good company. A 2015 report from Mintel found that 94% of all Americans snack at least once a day, with half of adults snacking two to three times a day.

What kind of snacker you are and what you snack on varies based on your circumstances. Some people snack because they’re bored, tired, or stressed and others snack to satisfy a craving or to sustain their energy throughout the day. Parents may find themselves snacking on their kid’s crackers or cheese sticks while office workers may be more inclined to grab a handful of nuts or some candy from their officemate’s desk.

Have you ever wondered what kind of snacker you are? If so, it’s time for you to find out! I partnered with Meta Appetite Control to create six Snack ID profiles and provide healthy snacking tips customized for each profile.

  • The Late Night Looter
  • The Mindless Muncher
  • The On-the-Go Grazer
  • The All-Or-Nothing Nosher
  • The Stressed Out Snacker
  • The Breakroom Binger

What kind of snacker are you? I'm a Mindless Muncher!

The folks at POPSUGAR turned the Snack ID profiles into an interactive quiz so you can find out what kind of snacker you are too!

I had a pretty good idea why I find myself snacking in front of the TV or when I’m procrastinating from work, but it was fun to take the quiz and find out that I am indeed The Mindless Muncher. 

“Whether it’s binge-watching in front of your TV or working at your desk, you lose all control of your hand as it makes endless trips to and from that bag of pretzels. You may not even be hungry.”

That sounds pretty accurate, although I will say my vice is popcorn or cookies, not pretzels!

So how am I going to reduce the mindless munching this year? Here are some steps I will take and you can too if you’re the same kind of snacker:

  • Use all my senses when I snack. Look at my food, smell it, touch it, and listen to the sound it makes as I chew. This is something I try to do with all my meals, and it really helps me slow down and recognize what I’m eating.
  • Get up and move. Instead of heading to the pantry when I need a break from work, I will head outside for a walk or do a couple of circuits of the seven-minute workout.

Meta Appetite Control contains natural psyllium fiber, which helps slow absorption and digestion, thereby increasing the sensation of fullness.

  • Make a Meta Appetite Control smoothie. Meta Appetite Control is a 100% natural psyllium fiber supplement from the makers of Metamucil. The psyllium fiber thickens and forms a gel in your digestive system, slowing absorption and digestion, which aids in the sensation of fullness. Adding it to a smoothie made with yogurt or kefir will provide me with some nutrients, keep me energized for the afternoon, and help me stay full between meals.*
  • Brush my teeth after dinner. This is one of those behavioral modifications I have recommended to clients over the years and I have to say it really works. Once you have minty clean breath the desire for a snack tends to go away. Plus, do you really want to brush and floss again?!
  • Go to bed earlier. Proof that my TV-watching snacking is mindless is that when I watch TV in bed or go to sleep earlier I don’t crave a snack. Added bonus: going to bed earlier is one of the practical lifestyle changes I’m trying to make a habit this year!

Seems easy enough! Hopefully these five steps will help curb my mindless munching and can help you too! And remember – if you’re snacking for energy or because you’re going a long time between meals, that’s quite alright. Just make sure to choose you’re practicing healthy snacking!

What kind of snacker are you?

Share with me in the comments below!

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(AD) What kind of snacker are you? Find out and get simple solutions to manage your cravings @jlevinsonrd.

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  1. I got Stressful Snacker. Not sure I totally agree with that, but nonetheless, the quiz was fun to take. Brushing teeth right after eating is a good trick! I’ve done that before and it totally works!

    1. Thanks Sara! I hear you on that – some days I don’t snack at all and other days I feel like I’m in my pantry 20 times a day!!

    1. I used to be more of a “bunch of small meals” type too, but have tried to make an effort to have three main meals and one snack instead. Of course at night when I’m on the couch watching TV, those snacks are hard to resist!

  2. YUP, sounds like I’d totally get that response too! I’ve been switching to grapes (they’re more filling) and really been trying to eat more mindfully lately!

    1. That’s awesome Chelsey – so glad you’ve found some techniques that are working for you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I got the all or nothing, ha! I don’t really feel like I’m any of these. I eat the same thing every day, greek yogurt and fruit at 10 or 10:30 and that’s about it as far as snacks go! These are great tips!

    1. I didn’t think about the Type A snacker, but that would have been a good additional profile to include!! Thanks for sharing your snacking style Kaleigh!

  4. This will be so fun to see what kind of snackers are out there! You have some great tips on how to help not snack so much! I love the appetite control smoothie! I definitely will be using these tips this year!

    1. Thanks Meg, it’s a fun little quiz, albeit not necessarily the most accurate! But I’m glad to know the tips are helpful and you like the smoothie idea!

    1. Do you snack at all Deborah? If so, I’m curious what kind of snacker you think you are! Thanks for checking out the post!

  5. i’ll confess… being a homeschooling momma with three kids walking around here, i feel like i’m *always* feeding someone (and eating too)! it is so great, though, when i am disciplined enough to feed everyone legit meals and they eat them because they haven’t snacked all day! great tips here!

    1. I can imagine it’s not so easy when you’re home all day. Kudos for getting everyone well fed and schooled Gretchen!

  6. I was pretty sure I already knew, but I took the quiz and sure enough–late night looter! I am eat super healthy all day but after dinner rolls around and I stuff my face with whatever I can find.

  7. Definitely, an on-the-go grazer. You’ll always find my fridge organized with grab and go options. I like to eat lots of smaller “meals” throughout the day

  8. The quiz says I am a stressed out snacker, but I think I am more of an on the go grazer. Working on sitting down while I snack and enjoy what I am eating!

    1. Some people didn’t get the result that fits them – sorry. But it’s great you know what kind of snacker you are and ways to improve on it. Definitely helps to sit down and focus on what you eat!

  9. I’m not much of a snacker. That wasn’t always the case. I guess I would have been the all or nothing nosher. Intuitive eating totally changed that and squashed the habit.

    1. So glad to hear intuitive eating worked for you! I think snacking has a place if need it, but great that you figured out what works for you!