The Slow Food Movement

March 10, 2011

By Megan Kian

In our fast paced society we tend to forget to take time for ourselves and slow down to enjoy what is around us. Especially when it comes to food, many people want the fastest, most convenient meal available (whether or not it is the healthiest).

A semi-recent movement (it first began in 1986) called the Slow Food Movement was born to counteract the loss of tradition and the progression towards fast food. The Slow Food movement began in Italy and has now become a global movement with over 100,000 members worldwide.

slow food movement

Slow Food gives people a chance to celebrate traditional food and food practices and promotes people’s interest in the food they eat. Being part of the Slow Food Movement also makes people aware of the effect the food they eat has on themselves and the rest of the world. Slow Food’s vision is to make sure that everyone has access to healthy food that is sustainable and maintains tradition. Slow Food is a great way to celebrate nutritious and delicious food around the world!

Learn more about the Slow Food Movement and how you can get involved.

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