Snow Day Workouts

December 27, 2010

It’s a snow day in New York City! (For many of us at least.) Take advantage of the day off and the snow to burn some calories without going to the gym. Here are some snow-related activities and the calories per hour you’ll burn doing them*:

Shoveling Snow 408 calories
Snow Shoeing 544 calories
Ice Skating 150 calories
Cross-Country Skiing (moderate effort) 544 calories
Downhill Skiing (moderate effort) 408 calories
Building a Snowman 285 calories
Having a Snowball Fight 319 calories
Making Snow Angels 214 calories
Sledding 476 calories

*Calories burned are based on a 150-pound person

What are you doing on this snow day?!

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  1. I always thought building a snowman was HARD! The body and the head are heavy.

    No snow for me today, but I do my indoor workouts with exercise videos when it is cold and/or wet outside.