Resolve All Year Long

December 18, 2009

As soon as the holiday season rolls around, people start thinking about what resolutions they will make come January 1st. It’s certainly a good idea to plan ahead — it’s much better than waiting for New Year’s day. However, the New Year is not the only time that you can resolve to change your behavior.

In my opinion, too much emphasis is placed on making changes at this one specific time of year. The same is true when people decide to go on a “diet” (I put that in quotes because in my opinion a diet is your daily food intake) in preparation for a wedding, a vacation, or what has come to be known as “bathing-suit season” (aka the summer!).

It is definitely important to evaluate your behaviors and determine when to make changes, but self-reflection is best done on a regular and ongoing basis, not just when occasions arise. And in order to make changes successfully, it is important to set goals.

Since so much emphasis is put on making resolutions at this time of year, next week nutritioulicious™ will be dedicated to goal setting. But keep in mind that goal setting should be done all throughout the year — not just one day!

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