Nutrition Day for Kids

November 6, 2009

Yesterday was nutrition day in the US (the program started in Austria). While many hospitals were celebrating this special occasion (at least for dietitians like myself it’s special!), I was helping a local private school celebrate their very own nutrition day. The Ramaz Lower School spent the day learning all about nutrition, and as their consulting dietitian I was there to lend a hand.

The day started with yogurt parfaits and an amazing performance by Jill Jayne, the “Rockstar Nutritionist.” The kids learned about healthy food vs. junk food and how food affects their bodies all while singing hip hop and rap songs with Jill. It was great to see kids so excited about nutrition!

The rest of the day was filled with classes that all focused on nutrition. Math was about learning how to read food labels and compare calories and nutrient amounts in different foods. In science class students learned how the different senses impact what you eat. In literacy classes some students made advertisements for healthy foods and some learned how to write healthy recipes. In Hebrew classes students learned what blessings to say on which foods.  And everyone got to learn how to make granola and salad dressing in a cooking class.

What nutrition day would be complete without some exercise? The whole school got together for a fun- and music-filled exercise routine to end the day.

As someone who advocates teaching children nutrition from the earliest age possible, I was elated and proud to be a part of this special day.

Do your kids learn nutrition in school?

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