Movie Snacks

December 1, 2009

Disclosure: I am a media spokesperson for Frito Lay.

As you saw yesterday, the calories, fat, and sodium in movie theater popcorn will do much more harm than good. And the candy at the counter is no better — the sizes are too big and filled with way too much sugar. So here you are, left wondering what you should snack on in the movies instead.

My number one answer is nothing. Instead of snacking during the movie, when you’ll be mindlessly popping pieces of candy or popcorn in your mouth, have a snack at home before you head to the theater. This way, you can concentrate on your snack, recognize what you’re taking in, and truly sense when you are full. For healthy snack ideas, check out my post from July, nutritioulicious™ Snacking.

If you absolutely can’t resist eating something in the theater, I suggest bringing snacks with you. Here are some to try:

  • Apple and some almonds
  • String cheese (part skim of course)
  • Microwave popcorn 100-calorie bag
  • Smartfood Popcorn Clusters* individual bag
  • Whole wheat pretzels
  • Dried fruit and nuts

Keep in mind that anything that comes in a big bag you want to portion out into a resealable bag before you go to the movies. And don’t forget a bottle of your nutritioulicious™ drink — water!

What’s your favorite snack to eat at the movies?

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  1. I end up bringing Hershey’s kisses (or some other small candy or granola bar) to the movie theaters. It’s something to curb the sweet craving, get over it, then watch the movie!

  2. I saw that calorie count and what they compared it to. Yikes!

    I usually will air-pop some popcorn and smuggle it in in my giant purse! I carry a water bottle too. (I stopped drinking soda this year) I’ll also bring along some sweat, dried fruit or a little chocolate. Portion control!