Menu Plan Monday: January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017

The latest happenings at Small Bites, this week’s Link Love, and Menu Plan Monday!

menu plan monday

Latest Happenings:

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend and are geared up for a nutritious and delicious week ahead. We’re heading out of town to go skiing at the end of the week, so this is a short week in the kitchen for me, but we still have some yummy meals planned.

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In Defense of ‘Healthy-ish’ @ Abby Langer Nutrition

⇒ I definitely consider my diet healthy-ish: I eat a mostly healthy diet, but make room for the treats and less healthy choices I sometimes want to have.

Live Healthy Without Becoming Obsessed @ Fresh Fit & Healthy

⇒ I know a lot of people who go to extremes when it comes to how they eat. The dos and don’ts in this post are great tips to keep you even keeled.

What Is Coconut Milk? @ Go Dairy Free

⇒ The answer isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Alisa has a great guide – you definitely want to check it out if you use any form of coconut milk.

The Paleo Diet – Good or Bad New Years Resolution? @ Abbey’s Kitchen

⇒ The Paleo diet is certainly trendy, but is it a good one to follow? Abbey sorts through the science. (And if you want my opinion, skip this diet!)

5 Ways to Eat Less Processed Food @ Katie Cavuto, RD

⇒ Katie’s tips are great, but keep on reading to put them into action with her meal prep cheat sheet.


Roasted Garlic Turmeric Parsnips @ Bucket List Tummy

⇒ I love parsnips and turmeric is such a superstar spice. Can’t wait to try this recipe!

Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Fries @ Joy. Food. Sunshine.

⇒ I love peanut butter and I love sweet potatoes, so I clearly have to try this!

Moroccan Butternut Squash & Wild Rice with Garbanzos @ Eggplant and Olive

⇒ This rice bowl looks absolutely delicious. So much flavor and nutrition packed in here!

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday: Week of January 16, 2017


Lunch: No school, but took the girls out for lunch

Dinner: Leftover Roasted Butternut Squash and Cranberry Quinoa Salad with Cider Dijon Vinaigrette and goat cheese and Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranate Glaze


Lunch: Smoked salmon & cream cheese sandwiches, sliced vegetables, and orange smiles

Dinner: Vegetarian Lentil Bolognese over pasta


Lunch: Leftover pasta with lentil bolognese

Dinner: Miso-Ginger Turkey Burgers with Roasted Garlic Curried Cauliflower and roasted sweet potato fries


Lunch: Tuna edamame salad

Dinner: Off Duty

Friday: Off Duty

What’s on your menu this week?

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Nutritioulicious Menu Plan Monday week of January 16, 2017 including Roasted Garlic Curried Cauliflower @theprettybee, Roasted Butternut Squash and Cranberry Quinoa Salad, Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranate Glaze, and Vegetarian Lentil Bolognese @jlevinsonrd.

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