Make Small Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle

November 25, 2014

For years I’ve said small changes lead to results when it comes to living a healthier life. That’s what the Meta Effect and the new line of Meta products are all about.

Disclaimer: I am a paid consultant with Meta and was compensated for this post. Opinions are my own.

I have always believed that small changes can lead to results as it pertains to improving diet and lifestyle. Whenever my clients, readers, and social media followers ask me about reaching a health-related goal, I always start by dissecting their larger goal into small, achievable steps that will keep them motivated and in it for the long term.

One of those goals is often to increase fiber intake. I mean, does anyone really get the recommended 25-35 grams of fiber per day? For all the work dietitians like myself do to help people eat fiber-rich foods including fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and beans and legumes, daily fiber intake has generally not reached national goals. And the benefits of fiber are numerous, including improved bowel health, controlled blood sugar levels, and lowered cholesterol levels. But for most people it’s nearly impossible to consume the recommended amount, which is why we need supplements that can help us meet our nutritional goals.

Metamucil is one of those supplements that has been around for decades, but most people dismiss it as something their grandmothers use to keep them “regular.” The folks at Metamucil recognized that it’s time for that image to change, which is why they have launched Meta – a new line of products that will keep you healthy from the inside out.

I was really excited to learn about the Meta products and the Meta Effect – the belief that one small change can lead to another, and in the end, to good things. So when the folks at Meta asked me to partner with them as they launch their new line, I knew it was a good fit. After all, that’s what I’ve been telling people for years!

The Meta line contains three new products: Metamucil, Meta Health Bars, and MetaBiotic. The powder and health bars are both made with 100% natural psyllium fiber, the husk of a seed that has been clinically proven to help lower cholesterol by forming a thick gel that traps some cholesterol and waste as it passes through your digestive system.

  • Metamucil is a multi-health fiber supplement that can be mixed with water, juice, and smoothies, sprinkled on top of cold cereal, mixed in oatmeal, or even cooked into your favorite recipe. By adding one rounded teaspoon you get 3 grams of fiber, plus thanks to the psyllium fiber, Metamucil can help lower cholesterol to promote heart health†, maintain healthy blood sugar levels*, promote digestive health*, and help you feel full longer between meals*.

metamucil meta effect

  • Meta Health Bars are a new snack bar that will keep your taste buds happy and your tummy full and satisfied. My husband has even been enjoying these for a quick Nutritioulicious breakfast those mornings when he’s rushing out the door. Like Metamucil, the Meta Health Bars can help lower cholesterol†, promote digestive health, and help satisfy hunger as a healthy snack.

meta bars meta effect

  • MetaBiotic is a 2 in 1 probiotic – healthy bacteria – that naturally helps maintain a healthy immune system* and digestive tract*.meta probiotic meta effect

You can reach your goals by making small steps too! Want to get more exercise into your day? Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Not staying hydrated during the winter? Keep a water bottle on your desk and refill it throughout the day. Whatever your goals are, you can achieve them, and Meta wants to help keep you motivated just in time for the holidays.

Share your small health steps for this holiday season and enter The Meta Effect Sweepstakes on the Meta Wellness Facebook page where you’ll have the chance to win awesome prizes including a 3 day/2 night stay in New York City and tickets to a TV taping of Meta user and spokesperson Michael Strahan!

You can find out more about Meta and their products at www.metawellness.com and lookout for more small steps you can make in the New Year!

Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams of soluble fiber per day from psyllium husk, as in Metamucil, may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol. One serving of Metamucil Powder has 2.4 grams of this soluble fiber. One serving of Metamucil capsules and one Meta Health Bar has at least 1.8 grams of this soluble fiber.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.    

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