Full of Flavor and Healthy Too

August 10, 2010

Today I have a special guest post by a nutritioulicious™ fan who gets to try almost everything I make in the kitchen…my husband!
Dear nutritioulicious™ Readers,

I am Jessica’s husband, Andrew. I wanted to tell all of you about a great dinner Jessica made for us last night. I am not generally the healthiest eater out there (despite the fact that my wife is a dietitian). I like a lot of flavor, but often that means lots of fat, salt, and calories. But tonight’s dinner was amazing because it was FULL of flavor, but very healthy. We had baked falafel balls (chickpea and cilantro baked to golden brown perfection) accompanied by an amazingly tasty watermelon-lime-cilantro salsa, a warm (in taste, not temperature) roasted corn salad, and a cucumber-chive yogurt sauce. The falafel balls themselves were served on a bed of fancy lettuce, which I wasn’t inclined to eat, but Jessica encouraged me to do so, so I did.

Full of Flavor and Healthy TooWhen I asked her how many calories the whole thing was (I had two full plates of it, by the way), she estimated it at less than 600 calories. That’s amazing! So by using healthy herbs and spices, like chives, cilantro, and lemon juice, it’s possible to pack a powerful flavor and keep your meals healthy too.

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