Fresh Pasta & Eataly

March 16, 2011

Last summer New Yorkers were buzzing about a newly opened gourmet food and wine market called Eataly. Eataly is not just any gourmet market — it is all Italian all the time. From the freshly made bread and pasta, to the butcher shop, pescheria (fish market), and produce market, and for the end of the trip cravings the espresso bar, gelateria, and pasticceria (pastry shop), you feel like you’re in Italy exploring the bounty of wonderful, delicious Italian cuisine everywhere you turn.

Not only can you buy all these delightful Italian specialties at Eataly, but you can also eat there. They have multiple restaurants including a pizza joint, a fish restaurant, a meat restaurant, and a vegetable restaurant featuring seasonal vegetables.

One of the highlights of Eataly is the vegetable butcher they have on staff. Never before had I heard of this type of job! The name really says it all – this is a butcher for vegetables. She will wash, clean, and cut your vegetables. So if you don’t know how to prep an artichoke for cooking or you don’t have time to chop vegetables but want a home cooked meal, she’s there to save your day!

Last week I visited Eataly (as I tend to do when I’m in the neighborhood) and decided to treat my husband and myself to some fresh pasta. ┬áThat night we had a pasta sampler for dinner.

We tried the Agnolotti dal Formaggio – little pillows stuffed with four cheeses topped in a tomato basil sauce. The agnolotti were so cute (see below)!

Eataly fresh pasta

We also had Ravioli Zucca – ravioli stuffed with butternut squash and amaretto cookies in a butter sage sauce. This was my absolute favorite! I felt like I was eating in a restaurant!

eataly fresh pasta

Do you have a favorite gourmet market? What do you like to buy there?

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  1. Besides the local farmer’s markets open in the summer months, I do not have any favorite. I shop for fresh ingredients and cook from scratch. I also make home-made pasta many times. All that prep at Eataly must be pricey. You see, I am an immigrant and frugal.

    1. I love the farmers markets also – definitely my favorite place to buy fresh produce. That’s great you make your own pasta! I don’t think they charge extra at Eataly for the prepping of the vegetables, but I’ve never had it done, so I don’t know for sure!