Food Trends for 2013 – Interview with Phil Lempert

December 11, 2012

Ever heard of The Supermarket Guru? His real name is Phil Lempert and he is an expert analyst on consumer behavior, marketing trends, and new products in grocery aisles. I’ve been a fan of Phil for quite some time. I subscribe to his newsletter and love his weekly roundup of New Product Hits and Misses. I love being one of the first to learn about new products and whether they are worth buying. I was very excited when a couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would like to interview Phil about what food trends we can expect in 2013. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! I didn’t get to meet Phil in person, but here’s a video of his phone interview with me.

Here are some of the trends Phil predicts for 2013:

1. More snacking for taste and health

2. More men grocery shopping and prepping meals in the kitchen

3. More supermarkets employing dietitians and holding shop-alongs

4. More fresh vegetables in frozen meals

5. Smartphone apps for grocery shopping and iphone attachments that have sensors to determine if a product is truly organic, measure blood glucose levels, and so much more

Here is a summary of some more of the trends we can expect.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to conduct this interview or promote The Supermarket Guru. All opinions are my own. 

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