Wednesday Wonders: Apple Pectin

November 4, 2009

Q: Per the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” will apple pectin give the same results? If not what is a good substitute? My mother wears dentures and has trouble biting and chewing apples. — Glenn

A: Hi Glenn,

As you can see from yesterday’s post, apples provide many health benefits, most of which come from the fiber of the fruit. Pectin is a form of soluble fiber and is responsible for many of these benefits. While you get the most fiber from raw fruits and vegetables, cooked apples will be easier for your mother to eat and will still provide her with a good source of pectin. Applesauce is also a good source, just be careful she avoids those sweetened with sugar, and if making your own, cook the apples with the peel to get the most benefits.

While I don’t advocate drinking juice because liquid calories add up fast and you don’t get the fiber, unfiltered apple cider contains pectins. Just watch out — 1 cup (8 ounces) contains 120 calories, and it won’t be as filling as the fruit itself.

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